Nerdblurb Episode 119

Happy Valentine’s Day folks!!! It’s every gals favorite holiday and what better gift could you give her then Podcast 119!!! First up in Nerdblurb’s, we talk about the death of the cheap eBook, what liars ATT are, and a crazy Walmart shopper’s wrecking spree. Next up, we talk videogames and discuss problems with the Guitar Hero games, Nintendo’s continued war on piracy, and Bioshock 2‘s cruel joke for colorblind gamers. Finally, we jump into Tech Talk and rant a bit about Google Buzz, the open source Ogg Theora codec, and the Nexus One’s 3G issues. Have a great holiday and don’t forget to show up on Saturday the 20th at 10:30am Pacific Time for our LIVE recording of Podcast 120.

Time Killer – Avatar Review

Walmart Crime Spree VideoKiller