Month: March 2010

Nerdblurb Episode 123

Welcome back people! After the marathon podcast that was 122, we did our best to tighten it up some for podcast 123. This week in Nerdblurbs we talk about Warner backing the wrong horse with Blockbuster, the iPhone falling in the annual Pwn2Own contest, and yet another stupid criminal – this time at PAX. Next up in Videogames, we got… Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 122

Marathon podcast time!!! Yes sir, it’s Podcast 122 and it’s packing a 2 hour runtime. So what the hell do we talk about for those 2 hours? Well…first up in Nerdblurbs, we talk about Universal’s big idea to save CD’s, round 1 of the hilarious Viacom v. Google battle, and the world’s most awesome amateur criminals. Next up, we jump… Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 121

Welcome back folks, it’s time for Podcast 121. After a successful live show, it’s good to be back with show notes in hand. This week in Nerdblurb’s, we talk about the idiotic decision by the Italian court in regards to Google and copyright, the worst boycott ever by some stupid gamers, and Walmart’s purchase of, then censoring of, VuDu’s streaming… Read more →