Nerdblurb Episode 130

Alright kids, time for podcast 130 and it’s long as hell. So long in fact, I think i’ll just bust a role call, so here we go. This week we talk about – Betty’s Bday, Archivist Katiegrrl, Dave’s Sun Microsystem giveaway, ┬álasers at the Olympics, a guy watching his home get burglarized on his iPhone, blaming malware for plane crashes, blaming lazy people for lazy DRM, the Best Viewmaster Evar, the iPad piracy rate, iTunes money laundering, Halo: Reach getting leaked, PS3 getting cracked, Microsoft getting caught, lasers pulling our heartstrings, women’s crazy brains, and our impressions of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I hope you got an hour and a half of free time, it’s gonna be a long, bumpy, ride.

Podcast 130