Nerdblurb Episode 132

Hey kids, it’s time for Podcast 132. This week’s podcast was thrown together last minute, so we’re not as organized as we’d like. However, it is Nerdblurb so we’re never really that organized anyhow. This week we start off with our usual apology…and a few announcements. Next up, we jump right in a talk about our lastest hobby – Photography! That’s right,  I bought a camera a few weeks ago, so if you hate Photography, get ready to hate this podcast. Then in Nerdblurbs, we talk a bit about the 3DS price and release date, Google TV’s announced price, and even throw in a moment of silence to remember the ironically killed founder of Segway. Finally, we finish off with Edgar’s impressions of the 2011 Nissan Leaf. That’s right, Edgar is so Hollywood, he’s too good for gas. God help us all.