Month: January 2011

Nerdblurb Episode 138

This week in podcast 138, we update you on the Nerdblurb drinking game, and announce the departure of SuperFan Erik. Next up, in Nerdblurbs, we talk about the great Taco Bell Mystery Meat incident, Google being less evil for once, and the super-mega-awesome urinal games hitting Japan. Then, in Videogames, we give our thoughts on the newly announced NGPSP, and discuss a few of EA’s recent marketing decisions. Finally, we review the Trimensional iPhone app, which while awesome in concept, is decidedly less so in practice. Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 137

Hey folks, you know the drill. Another week, another podcast, so let’s talk podcast 137. First up, we talk talk about a couple of forum threads that popped up, including the SUPER MEGA AWESOME Nerdblurb drinking game. It’s off to a great start, so get over to the forums and contribute. Next, we jump right into Tech and talk about Google’s recent CEO change and Apple’s recent CEO hiatus. That’s right, Jobs is on medical leave again, so hide yo’ liver, hide yo’ kid…neys. Finally, we get you caught up with this week’s PS3 hacker-gate news, then a bit about the big bomb from Nintendo – the official 3DS release date and price. So podcast 137 is here, and while it’s a bit shorter then last week, we’re keeping the streak alive! Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 136

Hey folks! We’re back with a very special episode, and it doesn’t involve teenage pregnancy! What makes 136 so special? Well, for the first-time-in-a-long-ass-time, we have a guest co-host. That’s right, fresh from the dormitories in sunny San Diego, our own Chief Archivist Katiegrrl blesses us with her presence. Then,  just when you thought this podcast couldn’t get anymore awesome, we got shownotes!… Read more →