Month: September 2011

Nerdblurb Episode 163

This week in Nerdblurbs, we talk about the subscriber hit Netflix is taking, Windows 8’s improved boot times, and give our thoughts on cloud services. Next up, in Hardware, we talk about Ivy Bridge, Apple’s ongoing fight with Samsung, and how AMD is setting overclocking records. Finally, in Videogames, we talk about TGS and all the news that’s come out of it. Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 162

This week in Nerdblurb’s, we discuss the impact of Netflix losing Starz on Demand, Adobe’s new Carousel cloud-based image editing platform, and the new Nike MAG’s. Next up in Videogame news, we talk about Call of Duty Elite, Square’s new direction for Dragon Quest X, and the reveal of the rumored 3DS circle pad add-on. Finally, we close out with some hardware news and discuss the Razor Raxorblade, the HTC Jetstream, and virtualization on Android smartphones. Read more →