Month: November 2011

Nerdblurb Episode 168

So this week in Nerdblurbs, we b!tch about the Stop Online Piracy Act and PETA getting all stupid over Mario and his Tanooki suit. Next up, in Videogames, we talk about my adventures with running Star Wars on a Mac and the one videogame to rule them all: Skyrim. Finally, we take a look at iTunes Match and Edgar reviews the “I GOT NEXT” documentary. Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 167

This week in Nerdblurbs, we talk about Adobe finlly killing Flash and Zediva finally shutting down. Next up, in Videogames, we talk about Steam gettting hacked, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and give our thoughts on the big Fall releases. Finally, in Hardware, we talk about the Amazon Fire, the Nook Color, and some Bulldozer overclocking shenanigans. Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 166

In this week’s episode we talk about Adobe’s Carousel, Netflix’s financial troubles, and Anonymous’s new PR campaign. We also talk a bit about Nintendo expecting their first financial loss in 30 years and the just announced Lightfield camera. Finally, we close out the podcast talking about my new Macbook Pro and Steve Job’s autobiography. Read more →