Month: October 2012

Nerdblurb Episode 184

We decided to get back together and record early due to the two big news items of the week. Of course I’m talking about the recent management shakeup at Apple and Disney’s big news. First up we talk at length about the men in charge of iOS and the Apple retail leaving the company. This is pretty huge and it should be an interesting day when the NYSE opens tomorrow. Then we discuss the other megaton this week which is the fact that DISNEY JUST BOUGHT LUCASFILM! Yes, you heard that correctly, The Mouse now owns the Avengers, the Rebel Alliance, and the Empire. Holy. Crap. Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 183

This weekend we head out of the studio to once again record at CityWalk. On tap for this week is our thoughts on the recent Apple press conference. This means we discuss the iMac, Mac Mini, iPad Mini, iPad 4, and Apple’s new Fusion Drive technology. We also talk a bit about the Microsoft Surface and give you our in-depth recount of Edgar running from zombies during the Run For Your Lives 5K. We really like this whole recording on location thing, so if you like it or hate it let us know. Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 182

So this week in Nerdblurb’s we talk about the Pirate Bay going to the cloud, give some pricing details on Microsoft’s Surface tablet, and discuss noise-canceling headphones. We also talk about the recent space jump and just how god damn crazy that guy is for actually jumping. Finally, we close out the show talking cameras and discuss Kathy’s recent decision to go mirror-less. Read more →