Nerdblurb’s 2014 E3 Extravaganza

What up folks, its finally that time – it’s time for for Nerdblurb’s E3 Extravaganza, 2014 edition. So sit back and enjoy damn near 2 hours of us talking about all things video games. This week’s show starts off with us recapping the Big Two’s press events and the Nintendo digital event from Tuesday. Then we jump into our day at E3 that starts off with Project Morpheus impressions. From our trip to Nintendo and Microsoft, we have impressions of Splatoon, Kirby 2015, Killer Instinct Season Two, Dance Central Spotlight, Fantasia Music Evolved, the Dead Rising 3 DLC, and Ubisoft’s new fitness game Shapeup. Finally, we close out the day in South Hall, which includes our impressions Destiny and our thoughts on the Aliens Isolation and MGS5 gameplay demos. Its a super packed show, so get comfy and feel free to take a potty break in the middle…we did.

Nerdblurb E3 2014