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Nerdblurb Episode 164

We would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the Jobs family. Steve Jobs was a visionary in every sense of the word and will truly be missed. While these words are repeated all too often, time will confirm the magnitude of loss the world has seen today. Steve’s ideas have laid the foundation for how we all will work, learn, and commmunicate for years to come. He will be missed, but can never be forgotten.

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Nerdblurb Episode 152

This week in Nerdblurbs, we talk about Microsoft buying Skype and Chrome possibly being hacked. Then, in hardware news, we talk about the recently announced Chromebooks, Android at Home, and Edgar talks some more about SSD caching. Finally, we close out the podcast with some videogame news, an Amazon Cloud Player update, and some lens talk. Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 149

So this week in Nerdblurbs, we talk about Google’s new Map Maker, Adobe adding http streaming for Flash, and theater owners getting upset over video on demand. Then, in Hardware, we talk about OLED TV’s, the Blackberry Playbook, and Samsung getting out of the HDD business. Finally, in Videogames, we talk about Mortal Kombat, Best Buy’s push to sell more games, and give you guys an update on how we feel about the 3DS. Read more →