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Nerdblurb Episode 155

We went, we played, and we made it back alive. So listen in on our live recording where we give our hands on impressions of the the Nintendo Wii U. We also discuss the upcoming slate of 3DS games, Star Wars Kinect, and Forza 4 with Kinect head tracking. Another year, another great E3. Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 154

This week in Nerdblurb’s, we talk about Amazon’s electronics trade-in program, the Amazon Mac Store, and a potential audience shift away from 3D movies. Next up, we discuss Gamefly’s Direct2Drive acquisition, Sony’s never-ending PSN saga, and I give you my impressions of Dead or Alive Dimensions. Finally, we close out the show with Apple news, stupid parents, and stupid plankers. Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 153

This week in Nerdblurbs, we discuss the Netflix’s bandwidth usage, San Francisco ditching the Yellow Pages, and Facebook smearing Google. Then, in Videogames, we talk about the latest PSN exploit, Sony’s PSN “Welcome Back” program, and the Xperia Play. We also talk a bit about the live recording for podcast 152, what we want to to with the live shows, and what you can do to help us. Read more →