Tag: Sandy Bridge

Nerdblurb Episode 139

This week in Nerdblurbs, we bust out Microsoft for copying Google, plead for Amazon to give away free video rentals, and complain about Antoine Dodson’s new found wealth. Next up, in Tech News, we talk about how Motorola is screwing Cliq users, the impending IPocalypse, and Intel’s major Sandy Bridge screw up. Finally, in Videogames news, we complain about more Sony updates, praise a different Sony update, and then complain some more about a Nintendo update. Read more →

Nerdblurb Episode 135

Hey folks, a new CES means a new podcast, so let’s get started. This week, we start off with the usual announcements and updates, along with a moment of silence for Tres Jefes Erik’s lost Nikon. Next up, we jump into CES news and talk 3D TV’s, Sandy Bridge, and the ARM future.  Finally, in videogame news, we give our thoughts on the complete breakdown of Sony’s console DRM, Nintendo’s unusual 3DS warnings, and a quick impression of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. So yes folks, believe it, we got two shows in two weeks and we’re just starting to hit our stride. Read more →